/ fE5ti:g; fE`ti^/ n
[U] great tiredness, usu resulting from hard work or exercise 疲乏; 疲劳; 疲倦: We were all suffering from fatigue at the end of our journey. 我们到旅程终点时全都累垮了.
[U] weakness in metals, etc caused by repeated stress (金属材料的)疲劳: The aeroplane wing showed signs of metal fatigue. 机翼显出有金属疲劳的现象.
[C] non-military duty of soldiers, such as cooking, cleaning, etc 士兵所承担的非军事性工作(如烹饪﹑ 清扫等): Instead of training the men were put on fatigues/fatigue duty. 那些士兵没有接受训练, 而是派去做杂务.
fatigues [pl] (US) uniform worn for fatigue duty or when in battle (做杂务或打仗时穿的)制服.
> fatigue v [Tn] make (sb) very tired 使(某人)非常疲劳: feeling fatigued 感到疲劳 * fatiguing work 累人的工作.