/ 5fAsIneIt; `fAsn9et/ v [Tn]
attract or interest (sb) greatly 使(某人)着迷﹑ 神魂颠倒或极感兴趣: The children were fascinated by the toys in the shop window. 孩子们让商店橱窗里的玩具给吸引住了.
take away power of movement from (eg an animal) by a strong light, etc 用强光照射等使(如动物)不能动弹: The rabbit sat without moving, fascinated by the glare of our headlights. 我们的车的前灯把兔子照得蹲在那里一动也不动.
> fascinating adj having great attraction or charm 吸引人的; 迷人的; 使人神魂颠倒的: a fascinating voice,story, glimpse 迷人的嗓音﹑ 故事﹑ 一瞥. fascinatinglyadv.
fascination / 9fAsI5neIFn; 9fAsn`eFEn/ n
1 [U, C] fascinating quality; process of fascinating 魅力; 魔力; 入迷: Stamp collecting holds a certain fascination for me. 我特别喜爱集邮. * The fascinations of the circus are endless. 马戏表演非常吸引人.
2 [U, sing] state of being fascinated 着迷; 入迷: a fascination for Chinese pottery 对中国陶瓷的强烈爱好.