2 / fB:m; fBrm/ v
(a) [I] grow crops or rear animals 种田; 务农; 饲养动物: He is farming in Africa. 他在非洲务农. (b) [Tn] use (land) for this 耕种(土地): She farms 200 acres. 她耕种200英亩土地. (c) [Tn] breed (animals) on a farm 在农场饲养(动物): farm beef cattle 饲养肉牛.
(phr v) farm sb out (to sb) arrange for sb to be cared for by others 托别人照看(某人): The children were farmed out to nannies at an early age. 孩子们小时候由奶妈照看. farm sth out (to sb) send out or delegate (work) to be done by others 招人承包(工作): We're so busy we have to farm out a lot of work. 我们太忙, 许多工作得招人承包.
> farmer n person who owns or manages a farm 农场主人; 农人.
farming n [U] profession of working on or managing a farm 务农; 经营农场: take up farming 开始务农 * pig farming 养猪 * [attrib 作定语] farming subsidies, equipment 农业津贴﹑ 设备.