3 / 5fAnsI; `fAnsI/ v (pt, pp fancied)
[Tf] think or believe (sth); imagine 想; 以为; 想像: I fancy (that) it's going to rain today. 我看今天要下雨. * He fancies she likes him. 他以为她喜欢他. * He fancied he heard footsteps behind him. 他好像听到身後有脚步声.
[Tn] (infml 口) have a desire or wish for (sth); want 渴望或希望得到(某事物); 想要: I fancy a cup of tea. 我想来杯茶. * What do you fancy for supper? 你晚饭喜欢吃甚麽?
[Tn] (Brit infml 口) find (sb) attractive 喜爱(某人): He rather fancies her. 他很喜欢她.
[I, Tn, Tg, Tsg] (usu imperative, expressing surprise, disbelief, shock, etc 通常用於祈使句, 表示惊奇﹑ 不相信﹑ 震惊等): Fancy that! 多奇怪呀! * Just fancy! 真想不到! * Fancy her being so rude! 她竟如此放肆! * Fancy never having seen the sea! 竟然从未见过大海!
(idm 习语) fancy oneself (as sth) (infml 口) have a very high opinion of oneself; be conceited 自命不凡; 自负: She rather fancies herself as a singer. 她自以为是了不起的歌手.