1 / 5fAnsI; `fAnsI/ n
[U] power of the mind to imagine (esp unreal things) 想像力(尤指对非现实的事物): the novelist's fancy 小说家的想像力.
[C] thing imagined 想像之物: Did I really hear someone come in, or was it only a fancy? 我是真听到有人进来还是仅仅是幻觉而已? * I have a fancy (ie a vague idea) that he will be late. 我感觉他要迟到.
[sing] ~ (for sth) desire; liking 渴望; 喜爱: I have a fancy for some wine tonight. 我今晚想喝点酒.
[C usu pl 通常作复数] small decorated cake 带装饰的小蛋糕: fancies served with coffee 佐咖啡的漂亮小蛋糕.
(idm 习语) catch/take sb's fancy please or attract sb 合某人的心意; 吸引某人: She saw a dress in the shop window and it caught her fancy immediately. 她看见商店橱窗里的一件连衣裙, 立刻觉得很合心意. a flight of fancy => flight1. take a fancy to sb/sth become fond of sb/sth, often without an obvious reason 喜欢上﹑ 爱上某人[某物](常无明显原因): I've suddenly taken a fancy to detective stories. 我突然喜欢上了侦探小说.
# ,fancy-`free adj [usu pred 通常作表语]
1 not in love; not committed to anything 未在恋爱中; 不受束缚.
2 (idm 习语) footloose and fancy-free => footloose (foot1).