/ 5feIWfl; `feWfEl/ adj
~ (to sb/sth) loyal (to sb/sth) (对某人[某事])忠实的: a faithful friend 忠实的朋友 * faithful to his beliefs 忠实於他的信仰 * She was always faithful to her husband, ie never had a sexual relationship with anyone else. 她对丈夫一直很忠诚.
[attrib 作定语] able to be trusted; conscientious 可信赖的; 认真的: a faithful worker 忠诚可靠的工作者 * a faithful correspondent, ie one who writes regularly 经常通信的人.
true to the facts; accurate 真实的; 正确的: a faithful copy, description, account, etc 精确的副本﹑ 描写﹑ 报道等.
> the faithful n [pl v] true believers (in a religion) (某宗教的)忠实信徒.
faithfully / -fElI; -fElI/ adv
1 in a faithful manner 忠实地: The old nurse had served the family faithfully for thirty years. 老保姆为这个家庭忠实地服务了三十年. * He followed the instructions faithfully. 他严格遵守指令.
2 (idm 习语) yours faithfully => yours (your). =>Usage at your 用法见your.
faithfulness n [U].