1 / feInt; fent/ adj (-er, -est)
that cannot be clearly perceived by the senses; indistinct; not intense in colour or sound or smell 微弱的; 模糊的; 暗淡的; 隐约的: The sounds of music grew fainter in the distance. 音乐的声音在远处逐渐模糊了. * Only faint traces of the tiger's tracks could be seen. 老虎的踪迹仅依稀可见.
(of ideas, etc) weak; vague (指想法等)模糊的, 不明确的: There is a faint hope that she may be cured. 她获治愈的希望渺茫.
(a) (of physical abilities) lacking strength (指体力)无力的, 虚弱的: in a faint voice 以有气无力的声音 * His breathing became faint. 他的呼吸变得微弱了. (b) [pred 作表语] (of people) likely to lose consciousness; giddy (指人)易失去知觉; 昏眩: She looks/feels faint. 她看来[感到]快要晕倒了. (c) [pred 作表语] (of people) weak; exhausted (指人)无力, 精疲力竭: The explorers were faint from hunger and cold. 探险者们因饥寒交迫而委顿不堪.
(of actions, etc) weak; unlikely to have much effect (指动作等)无力的, 似无甚效果的: a faint show of resistance 软弱无力装装样子 的抵抗 * make a faint attempt to do sth 未尽全力尝试做某事.
(idm 习语) damn sb/sth with faint praise => damn1. not have the `faintest/`foggiest (idea) (infml 口) not know at all 根本不知道: `Do you know where she is?' `Sorry, I haven't the faintest.' ‘你知道她在哪里吗?’‘对不起, 我一点也不知道.’ > faintly adv. faintness n [U].
# ,faint-`hearted adj timid; not brave 怯懦的; 不勇敢的. ,faint-`heartedly adv. ,faint-`heartedness n [U].