/ fAkt; fAkt/ n
[C] thing that is known to have happened or to be true or to exist 事实; 真相: No one can deny the fact that fire burns. 无人能否认火能燃烧的事实. * Poverty and crime are facts. 贫穷和犯罪是事实. * He's resigned: I know it for a fact, ie I know that it is really true. 他已经辞职了, 我知道这是真事. * (infml 口) He came here yesterday, and that's a fact! 他昨天来过, 是真的! Cf 参看 fiction.
[C] thing that is believed or claimed to be true 认为或称为真实的事物: I disagree with the facts on which your argument is based. 我不同意你的论点所基於的论据.
[U] what is true; reality 真实的事物; 现实: The story is founded on fact. 这故事有真事作根据. * It's important to distinguish fact from fiction. 把现实与虚构区分开来是很重要的.
(idm 习语) accessory before/after the fact => accessory. an accomplished fact => accomplish. blink the fact => blink. as a matter of fact => matter 1. a ,fact of `life thing that cannot be ignored, however unpleasant 生活的现实(尽管使人不快, 却不容忽视的事物): We must all die some time: that's just a fact of life. 我们终有一死, 这就是生活的现实. the fact (of the matter) is (that)...; the fact remains (that)... despite what has been said, the truth is... 虽然话是这麽说, 但事实是...: A holiday would be wonderful but the fact of the matter is (that) we can't afford one. 有个假日好是真好, 可事实是我们花费不起. * I agree that he tried hard but the fact remains that he has not finished the job in time. 我承认他已尽力而为了, 但事实是他并未按时做完. ,facts and `figures (infml口) precise information 精确的资料; 准确的情报: Before we make detailed plans, we need some more facts and figures. 我们还需要更多的精确资料才能制定出详细计画. the ,facts of `life (euph 婉) details of human sexuality, esp as told to children 性知识(尤指给儿童讲的). the facts speak for themselves the facts noted about a situation or an occurrence show what conclusions can be reached, without further interpretation or explanation 事实本身自明. hard facts => hard1. in `fact in truth; really 事实上; 实际上; 其实: For eight years she was in fact spying for the enemy. 八年来她实际上一直为敌人做间谍工作. in point of fact => point1.
# `fact-finding n [U] discovering the truth about sth 揭示某事物的真相; 实情调查: [attrib 作定语] a fact-finding mission, expedition, etc 调查团﹑ 队等.