1 / Ik5spres; Ik`sprZs/ adj [attrib 作定语]
going, sent or delivered quickly (进行﹑ 传递或运送)迅速的: express delivery 快递 * an express letter 快信 * an express messenger 传送快件的信差.
clearly and definitely stated; explicit 清楚的; 明确的: It was his express wish that you have his gold watch after he died. 他的愿望很明确, 死後把金表留给你.
> express adv by express delivery; by express train 用快邮递送; 乘快车: The parcel was sent express. 这包裹是用快邮寄的. * travel express 乘快车旅行.
expressly adv
1 clearly; definitely 清楚地; 明确地: You were expressly told not to touch my papers. 已经明确地告诉过你不要动我的文件.
2 with a special purpose 特地; 专门: a dictionary expressly compiled for foreign students of English 专为学习英语的外国学生编纂的词典.
# ex`pressway (also `throughway) n (US) = motorway: a major accident on the expressway 高速公路上的严重车祸. =>Usage at road 用法见road.