2 / Ik5spR:t; Iks`pRrt/ v [I, Tn] send (goods) to another country for sale 输出; 出口: This company has a large home market (ie many buyers within the country) but doesn't export. 这家公司国内市场很大, 不做出口生意. * India exports tea and cotton to many different countries. 印度向许多国家出口茶叶和棉花. Cf 参看 import1.
> exportation / 9ekspR:5teIFn; 9ZkspRr`teFEn/ n [U] exporting of goods 输出; 出口: articles for exportation abroad 销往国外的物品 * He manufactures paper for exportation only. 他的工厂生产的纸张仅供出口.
exporter n person, company or country that exports goods 出口商; 出口公司; 出口国: Argentina is a big exporter of beef products. 阿根廷是牛肉制品的一大出口国. * He is a successful exporter of diamonds. 他是事业有成的钻石出口商.