/ Ik5splR:(r); Ik`splRr/ v
[I, Tn] travel into or through (a place, esp a country) in order to learn about it 踏勘; 勘探; 探测; 在(一地方, 尤指一国家)探险, 考察: explore the Arctic regions 到北极地区探险 * Columbus discovered America but did not explore the new continent. 哥伦布发现了美洲, 但没有考察这块新大陆. * explore a castle 探察一城堡 * As soon as they arrived in the town they went out to explore. 他们一到这座城镇就出外查看周围环境.
[Tn] examine (sth) thoroughly in order to test or find out about it (为测试或了解)仔细检查(某事物); 探索; 探究: explore one's conscience 良心省察 * We explored several solutions to the problem. 我们探讨了几种解决该问题的方法.
> exploration / 9eksplE5reIFn; 9ZksplE`reFEn/ n
1 [U] activity of exploring 勘探; 探测; 探索; 探究: the exploration of space 对宇宙空间的探索 * a voyage of exploration 探险航行 * detailed exploration of a subject 对一题目的详细探讨.
2 [C] instance of this 勘探; 探测; 探索; 探究: in the course of his explorations of the country 在他对该国进行探索的过程中 * an exploration of the subconscious mind 对潜意识的探索.
exploratory / Ik5splCrEtrI; [email protected] -tR:rI; Ik`splRrE9tRrI/ adj for the purpose of finding out sth 勘探的; 探测的; 探索的: exploratory medical tests 探索性的医学试验 * an exploratory expedition up the Amazon river 沿亚马孙河逆流而上的探险旅程.
explorer / Ik5splR:rE(r); Ik`splRrL/ n person who explores 勘探者; 探测者; 探险者; 探索者; 探究者: Christopher Columbus was one of the great explorers. 克里斯托弗?哥伦布是伟大的探险家.