/ Ik5splIsIt; Ik`splIsIt/ adj
(a) (of a statement, etc) clearly and fully expressed (指说法等)明确而详细的: He gave me explicit directions on how to get there. 他清清楚楚地告诉我怎样到达那里. * They gave explicit reasons for leaving. 他们明确地说出了离开的原因. (b) (of a person) saying sth clearly, exactly and openly (指人)(说得)明确的, 直率的, 开诚布公的: She was quite explicit about why she left. 她对自己离去的原因直言不讳.
with nothing hidden or implied 毫不隐瞒的; 毫不含蓄的: explicit sex scenes in the film 影片中露骨的性爱镜头. > explicitly adv: She was explicitly forbidden to attend. 清楚表明不准她参加. explicitness n [U].