/ Ik5spIErIEns; Ik`spIrIEns/ n
[U] (process of gaining) knowledge or skill acquired from seeing and doing things 经验; 体验: We all learn by experience. 我们都从经验中学习. * Does she have much experience of teaching? 她教学经验丰富吗? * He hasn't had enough work experience (ie experience of work) for the job. 他做这项工作尚无足够经验. * I know from experience that he'll arrive late. 据我的经验之谈, 他要迟到的.
[C] event or activity that affects one in some way; event or activity that has given one experience(1) 经历; 阅历; 感受; 体会: an unpleasant, a trying, an unusual, etc experience 令人不快的﹑ 难堪的﹑ 不寻常等的经历 * You must try some of her home-made wine it's quite an experience! ie it's very unusual. 你一定要嚐嚐她自制的葡萄酒--一饱口福! * He had many interesting experiences while travelling in Africa. 他在非洲旅行时, 有许多有趣的经历.
> experience v [Tn] have experience of (sth); feel 有(某事物)的经验; 经历; 感觉; 感受; 体验: experience pleasure, pain, difficulty, great hardships, etc 体验到愉快﹑ 痛苦﹑ 困难﹑ 苦难等 * The child had never experienced kindness. 这孩子从未受过善待. * I don't think I've ever experienced real depression. 我认为我从未体验过真正的情绪低落. experienced adj having experience; having knowledge or skill as a result of experience 有经验的; 有阅历的; 有见识的; 熟练的: an experienced nurse 有经验的护士 * He's experienced in looking after children. 他有照料孩子的经验.