/ 9ekspI5dIFn; 9ZkspI`dIFEn/ n
(a) organized journey or voyage with a particular aim (为某目的而组织的陆路或水路的)远行; 探险; 考察: send a party of people on an expedition 派一队人去考察 * go on an expedition to the North Pole 到北极去探险 * a hunting expedition 狩猎之行 * (joc 谑) a shopping expedition 购物之行. (b) people, vehicles, ships, etc making this journey (进行远征﹑ 探险﹑ 考察等的)人或使用的车辆﹑ 船只等: members of the Mount Everest expedition 埃佛勒斯峰(即珠穆朗玛峰)探险队队员.
(fml 文) speed; promptness 迅速; 敏捷: We carried out the captain's orders with all possible expedition. 我们毫不迟疑地迅速执行船长的命令.
> expeditionary / -FEnErI; [email protected] -nerI; -FEn9ZrI/ adj [attrib 作定语] of or forming an expedition 远征的; 探险的; 考察的; 组成远征队等的: an expeditionary force, eg an army sent to take part in a war abroad 远征军(如到国外参战的军队).