/ Ik5spAnd; Ik`spAnd/ v
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sth) (into sth) (cause sth to) become greater in size, number or importance 使(某事物)变大, 扩大, 增大, 增加, 增强, 扩展: Metals expand when they are heated. 金属受热则膨胀. * A tyre expands when you pump air into it. 轮胎一打气就鼓起来. * His modest business eventually expanded into a supermarket empire. 他原先不大的生意後来扩展成了超级市场集团企业. * Our foreign trade has expanded greatly in recent years. 我国的对外贸易近年来已有极大发展. * Why not try to expand your story into a novel? 你怎麽不把你的故事扩展成小说呢?
[I, Ipr] spread out; unfold 伸展; 伸开; 张开; 展开: The petals of the flowers expanded in the sunshine. 花瓣在阳光下张开了. * His face expanded in a smile of welcome. 他喜笑颜开地表示欢迎. Cf 参看 contract3.
[I] (of a person) become more friendly or talkative (指人)变得热情或愿意交谈: The guests expanded a little when they'd had a glass or two of wine. 客人们喝了一两杯酒以後, 就有说有笑了.
(phr v) expand on sth develop or give more of (a story, an argument, etc) 阐述或详述(某事, 故事, 论点等): You mentioned the need for extra funding. Would you expand on that? 你曾提到需要一笔额外资金. 你详细谈谈好吗?
# ex,panded `metal sheet metal cut and stretched into a mesh used (esp) to reinforce concrete 拉制金属网(尤指用於加固混凝土者).
ex,panded poly`styrene light packaging or insulation material made of air-filled plastic 多孔聚苯乙烯, 多孔塑料(用充气塑料制成的轻质包装或绝缘材料).