/ Ig5zR:t; I^`zRrt/ v [Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.t] ~ sb (to sth) (fml 文) advise sb strongly or earnestly; urge sb 劝告, 规劝或告诫(某人): The chairman exhorted the party workers to action. 主席敦促党的工作人员采取行动. * The teacher exhorted him to work hard. 教师谆谆告诫他要用功.
> exhortation / 9egzR:5teIFn; 9Z^zRr`teFEn/ n
[U] (fml 文) action of exhorting 劝告; 规劝; 告诫.
[C] earnest request; speech, etc that exhorts 诚恳的要求; 劝告; 告诫: All his father's exhortations were in vain. 他父亲的一切劝告都无效.