2 / Ig5zR:st; I^`zRst/ v [Tn]
[esp passive 尤用於被动语态] make (a person or an animal) very tired 使(人或动物)非常疲倦: The long cycle ride exhausted her. 她因长途骑车而疲惫不堪. * He exhausted himself in the attempt. 他因十分努力而筋疲力尽.
use (sth) up completely 用尽, 耗尽(某物): exhaust one's patience, strength 失去耐性﹑ 用尽力气 * exhaust a money supply 把钱用光.
make (sth) empty; take out the contents of 将(某物)弄空; 取出(所含之物): exhaust a well 将井汲乾.
say, find out, all there is to say about (sth) 详尽论述(某事物): I think we've just about exhausted that subject. 我认为我们对这一问题已差不多是言无不尽了.
> exhausted / Ig5zR:stId; I^`zRstId/ adj very tired 极其疲倦的: I'm exhausted! 我已筋疲力尽了! * The exhausted troops surrendered. 部队人困马乏结果投降了.