/ 9eksI5kju:Fn; 9ZksI`kjuFEn/ n
[U] carrying out or performance of a piece of work, plan, design, duty, etc 执行; 实行; 履行; 完成: His original idea was good, but his execution of the scheme was disastrous. 他的设想很好, 但实行起来却糟糕透顶. * The plans were finally put into execution. 这些计划终於得以实施.
[U] (law 律) action of carrying out the orders of a will 对遗嘱条款的执行: The solicitor is proceeding with the execution of my mother's will. 律师正着手执行我母亲的遗嘱.
[C, U] (act of) killing sb as a legal punishment 处死刑; 死刑: execution by hanging 以绞刑处死 * five executions last year 去年执行的五起死刑.
[U] (fml 文) skill in performing eg music 表演技巧(如音乐演奏): The pianist's execution of the concerto was marvellous. 那钢琴师弹的协奏曲神乎其技.
(idm 习语) a stay of execution => stay n.
> executioner / 9eksI5kju:FEnE(r); 9ZksI`kjuFEnL/ n public official who carries out a death sentence 死刑执行人; 行刑人.