/ Ik5sklu:sIv; Ik`sklusIv/ adj
(a) (of a group, society, etc) not readily admitting new members (esp if they are thought to be socially inferior); select (指群体﹑ 会社等)不愿接收新成员的(尤指对社会地位低下者); 精选的: He is part of an exclusive social circle and belongs to an exclusive club. 他所处的社交圈子很排外, 而且参加的又是个很排外的社团. (b) (of a high-class shop, goods sold in it, etc) not found elsewhere; reserved for the wealthy (指高级商店﹑ 货物等)罕见的, 高级的, 高档的: exclusive styles, designs, articles 高级的式样﹑ 设计﹑ 物品 * an exclusive restaurant, private school 为富人开设的饭店﹑ 私立学校.
reserved for or limited to the person(s) or group concerned 独有的; 独占的: exclusive privileges of the aristocracy 贵族独有的特权 * an exclusive agency for the sale of Ford cars in this town 这城镇的福特汽车包销商 * The interview is exclusive to this magazine. 本杂志得到独家访问权.
excluding all but the thing specified 唯一的: Painting has not been her exclusive occupation. 绘画并非她唯一的职业.
not admitting sth else; rejecting other considerations 排他的: The two plans are mutually exclusive, ie If you accept one you must reject the other. 这两个方案是相互抵触的.
~ of sb/sth not including sb/sth; not counting sb/sth 不包括某人[某事物]; 不把某人[某事物]算在内: The ship has a crew of 57 exclusive of officers. 这船上除高级船员外, 有57名普通船员. * The price of the holiday is exclusive of accommodation. 度假费用未包括住宿费.
> exclusive n [C] (also exclusive story) newspaper or magazine story given to and published by only one newspaper (报纸或杂志的)独家报道, 独家专文: a Daily Mirror exclusive 每日镜报独家报道. exclusively adv: This special offer has been exclusively designed for readers of this magazine. 这一特价优惠是专为本杂志读者提供的.
exclusiveness (also exclusivity) / 9eksklu:5sIvEtI;9Zksklu`sIvEtI/ n [U] quality of being exclusive 独特性: The shop was proud of its exclusiveness. 这商店因别具一格而沾沾自喜.