/ Ig5zAmIn; I^`zAmIn/ v [Tn, Tn.pr]
~ sth/sb (for sth) (a) look at carefully in order to learn about or from; inspect closely 仔细观察; 检查; 调查; 审查: examine an old manuscript 仔细检查旧手稿 * examine facts, a theory, evidence, etc 查验事实﹑ 理论﹑ 证据等 * The detective examined the window frame for fingerprints. 侦探仔细查看窗框, 寻找指纹. (b) inspect carefully (a patient or part of his body) to check for disease 诊察; 诊视: have one's teeth examined for decay 诊察龋齿 * The doctor examined her patient carefully. 那位女医生仔细诊察病人.
~ sb (in/on sth) (fml 文) test the knowledge or ability of sb by written or oralquestions 考, 测验(某人): examine students in mathematics/ on their knowledge of mathematics 考学生数学.
(law 律) question (sb) formally in order to get information; interrogate 询问, 盘问, 审问, 讯问(某人): examine a witness in a court of law 在法庭上讯问证人. Cf 参看 cross-examine.
(idm 习语) need, etc one's head examined => head1.
> examinee / Ig9zAmI5ni:; I^9zAmE`ni/ n (fml 文) person being tested in an examination(2) 应考者; 被考者: Ten of the examinees were failed. 应考者有十名不及格.
examiner / Ig5zAmInE(r); I^`zAmInL/ n
1 person who tests knowledge or ability 主考人: He is one of the science examiners. 他是理科主考人之一.
2 (idm 习语) satisfy the examiners => satisfy.