/ I5vent; I`vZnt/ n
thing that happens, esp sth important; incident 事情; (尤指)大事, 事件: one of the chief events of 1964 1964年的主要大事之一 * the chain (ie sequence) of events that led to the Prime Minister's resignation 导致首相辞职的一连串事件 * It was quite an event when a woman first became prime minister. 首次由女人任首相倒是件大事. =>Usage at occurrence 用法见occurrence.
any of the races, competitions, etc in a sports programme (体育运动的)比赛项目: Which events have you entered for? 你参加了哪几项比赛? * The 800m is the fourth event of the afternoon. 800米赛是下午的第四项比赛.
(idm 习语) at `all events/in `any event whatever happens; in any case 不管发生什麽事; 在任何情况下; 无论如何: In any event, the worst that she can do is say `no'. 不管怎样, 她大不了就是说个‘不’字. be wise after the event => wise. in `either event whichever (of two things) happens (两件事情中)无论发生哪件事: In either event, I'll be there to support you. 无论这样或那样, 我都支持你. a happy event => happy. in `that event if that happens 如果那种情况发生; 如果是那样的话: You could be right, and in that event they'll have to pay you back. 可能是你对, 那样的话, 他们就得把钱还你. in the e`vent as it in fact happened; as it turned out 结果; 到头来: I was worried about the hotel bill, but in the event I had enough money to pay. 我一直担心旅馆的费用, 结果我的钱足够. in the event of sth (fml 文) if sth happens 万一; 倘若: in the event of an accident 万一发生事故 * In the event of his death Sheila will inherit the money. 一旦他故去, 希拉就会继承这笔钱. a/the turn of events => turn2.
> eventful / -fl; -fEl/ adj full of memorable or notable events 有许多大事的: He's had an eventful life. 他一生 中有很多大事. * an eventful year 有许多大事的一年.