2 / 5estImeIt; `ZstE9met/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr, Tnt, Tf, Tw] ~ sth (at sth) form an approximate idea of sth; calculate roughly the cost, size, value, etc of sth 估计: We estimated his income at/to be about 8000 a year. 我们估计他一年的收入大约8000英镑. * She estimated that the work would take three months. 她估计这项工作需要三个月. * Can you estimate its length/how long it is? 你能估计其长度[它有多长]吗?
[Ipr] ~ for sth calculate the probable price of (a specified job) 估算(某项工作)的费用: We asked our builder to estimate for the repair of the ceiling. 我们要求营造商估算一下修理天花板的费用. Cf 参看 quote 3.