1 / 5estImEt; `ZstEmEt/ n
judgement or calculation of the approximate size, cost, value, etc of sth 估计; 估价: I can give you a rough estimate of the number of bricks you will need. 我可大略估算一下你需要多少砖. * This is an outside estimate of the price, ie an estimate of the highest probable price. 这是最高的估价.
statement of the price a builder, etc will probably charge for doing specified work (营造商等对承建工程的)报价: We got estimates from three different contractors before accepting the lowest. 我们得到三个承包商的报价後, 接受了价钱最低的. Cf 参看 quotation 4.
judgement of the character or qualities of sb/sth (对某人[事物]性格或质量的)判断: I don't know her well enough to form an estimate of her abilities. 我对她不太了解, 无法对她的能力作出判断.