/ I5senFl; I`sZnFEl/ adj
[esp pred 尤作表语] ~ (to/for sth) necessary; indispensable; most important 必要; 不可缺少; 最重要: Is money essential to happiness? 金钱对於幸福是必不可少的吗? * It's essential that you attend all the meetings. 你务必要参加所有的会议. * `Secretary wanted: previous experience essential.' ‘招聘秘书: 须有经验.’
[attrib 作定语] relating to sb's/sth's basic nature; fundamental 本质的; 基本的: His essential decency makes it impossible to dislike him. 他十分正派, 使人不能不喜欢他. * What is the essential theme of the play? 这剧本的主题是什麽?
> essential n (usu pl 通常作复数) fundamentally necessary element or thing 要素; 要点: A knowledge of French is an absolute essential. 会些法语是非常必要的. * the essentials of English grammar 英语语法纲要 * We only had time to pack a few essentials. 我们只来得及装上几件必需品.
essentially / I5senFElI; I`sZnFElI/ adv in his/its true nature; basically 本质上; 基本上: He's essentially a very generous man. 他本质上是个十分慷慨的人.
# essential `oil oil extracted from a plant and used in making perfume, flavourings, etc 香精油; 香料油.