/ I5kwIvElEnt; I`kwIvElEnt/ adj ~ (to sth) equal in value, amount, meaning, importance, etc (价值﹑ 数量﹑ 意义﹑ 重要性等)相同的: What is 5 equivalent to in French francs? 5英镑相当於多少法国法郎? * 250 grams or an equivalent amount in ounces250克或与之相当的盎司.
> equivalence / -lEns; -lEns/ n
[U] state or quality of being equivalent 均等; 等量.
[C] thing that is equivalent 相等物.
equivalent n thing, amount or word that is equivalent 相等的事物或数量; 对应词: the metric equivalent of two miles 两英里的公制等距 * Is there a French word that is the exact equivalent of the English word `home'? 法语中有没有和英语home完全一样的对应词?