/ I5kwIp; I`kwIp/ v (-pp-) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (with sth) supply sb/sth (with what is needed, for a particular purpose) 配备; 装备: They equipped themselves for the expedition. 他们为远征治装. * Please equip yourself with a sharp pencil and a rubber for the exam. 请准备一枝尖的铅笔和一块橡皮参加考试. * The soldiers were well equipped with weapons and ammunition. 士兵们装备好了武器和弹药. * A good education should equip you for life. 有良好的教育能受用终生.
> equipment n [U]
things needed for a particular purpose 设备; 装备: office equipment, eg typewriters, photocopiers, stationery, etc 办公室的设备(如打字机﹑ 影印机﹑ 文具等) * sports equipment 运动器材 * a factory with modern equipment 有现代化设备的工厂.
action of equipping 装备; 配备: The equipment of the photographic studio was expensive. 装备摄影室的开支很大.