/ 5i:kwEl; `ikwEl/ adj
the same in size, amount, value, number, degree, status, etc (大小﹑ 数量﹑ 价值﹑ 程度﹑ 状况等)相同的, 相等的, 同样的: They are of equal height. 他们一般高. * Divide the cake into equal parts. 把蛋糕分成等份. * Equal amounts of flour and sugar should be added to the mixture. 应在混合物中加入等量的面粉和糖. * He speaks Arabic and English with equal ease. 他说阿拉伯语和英语都一样自如. * Women are demanding equal pay for equal work, ie equal to that of men. 妇女要求同工同酬(与男人一样). * In intelligence, the children are about equal. 这些儿童在智力上大致相同.
[pred 作表语] ~ to sth/doing sth having the strength, courage, ability, etc for sth 对某事物有力量﹑ 勇气﹑ 能力等; 能胜任: She feels equal to the task. 她认为能胜任该项工作. * He's equal to (ie able to deal with) the occasion. 他能应付这一局面. * He doesn't seem equal to meeting our demands. 他似乎不太合乎我们的要求.
(idm 习语) on equal terms (with sb) (meeting or speaking) as equals, with no difference in status or rank 平等相处; 地位相等: Now that she has been promoted she is on equal terms with her ex-boss. 她既然已升级, 就和原先的上司平起平坐了. other things being equal => thing.
> equal n person or thing equal to oneself in some way 和自己相当的人或事物: He's my equal in strength. 他和我力气一样大. * She's the equal of her brother as far as intelligence is concerned. 论智力, 她和她哥哥不相上下. * We consider ourselves equals. 我们彼此不分上下.
equal v (-ll-) (US -l-) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (in sth) be equal to sb/sth 与某人[某事物]相同或相等: equalling the Olympic record 平奥运会纪录 * He is equalled by no one in kindness. 没有人比他更善良.
equality / I5kwClEtI; I`kwBlEtI/ n [U] state of being equal 平等: Women are still struggling for true equality with men. 妇女仍在争取与男人真正平等. * equality of opportunity, ie having an equal chance of being considered for jobs, promotion, etc 机会均等(在求职﹑ 提升等方面有同等的机会).
equalize, -ise / 5i:kwElaIz; `ikwEl9aIz/ v [I, Tn] (cause sth to) become equal (in size, amount, etc) (使某事物)(在大小﹑ 数量等上)相等: Germany were winning the match until just before the end when the other team equalized, ie scored another goal to make the scores equal. 德国队眼看要赢得这场比赛, 而恰在终场前对方把比分扳平. equalization, -isation / 9i:kwElaI5zeIFn; [email protected] -lI5z-; 9ikwElE`zeFEn/ n [U].
equally / 5i:kwElI; `ikwElI/ adv
1 in an equal manner or to an equal degree 相等地; 同等地: They are equally clever. 他们一样聪明.
2 in equal parts 均等: They share the housework equally between them. 他们平等分担家务.
3 also; similarly; in addition 也; 同样; 此外: We must try to think about what is best for him; equally we must consider what he wants to do. 我们要为他着想, 同时也要想到他愿意干什麽.