/ 9entE5teIn; 9ZntL`ten/ v
[I, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (to sth) receive sb as a guest; provide food and drink for sb, esp in one's home 宴客; 招待, 款待某人(尤指在自己家中): I don't entertain very often. 我不常在家请客. * They do a lot of entertaining, ie often give dinner parties, etc. 他们时常设宴待客. * Bob and Liz entertained us to dinner last night. 昨晚鲍勃和利兹设宴招待了我们.
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (with sth) amuse sb 使某人快乐: Could you entertain the children for an hour, while I make supper? 我做晚饭时, 你能哄孩子们玩一个小时吗? * He entertained us for hours with his stories and jokes. 他给我们讲故事﹑ 说笑话, 让我们高兴了好几小时.
[Tn] (fml 文) (not in the continuous tenses 不用於进行时态) (a) be ready and willing to consider (sth) 愿意考虑(某事物): He refused to entertain our proposal. 他拒不考虑我们的提议. (b) hold (sth) in the mind or feelings 心里或感情上怀有(某事物): entertain ideas, doubts, etc 有想法﹑ 怀疑等.
> entertainer n person who entertains (entertain 2), esp professionally (娱乐节目的)表演者; (尤指)艺人: He's a popular television entertainer. 他是大众喜爱的电视演员.
entertaining adj amusing and pleasing 使人愉快的; 有趣的: a very entertaining film 一部很有趣的电影 * amost entertaining guest 很有风趣的客人. entertaininglyadv.
entertainment n
1 [U] entertaining or being entertained 宴客; 招待; 款待; 娱乐: the entertainment of a group of foreign visitors 宴请一批外宾 * He fell in the water, much to the entertainment of the children. 他掉进水里, 逗得孩子们乐不可支. * a place of entertainment娱乐场所.
2 [C] thing that entertains; public performance(at a theatre, cinema, circus, etc) 娱乐; (在剧场﹑ 电影院﹑ 马戏团等的)演出: The local entertainments are listed in the newspaper. 报纸上登有本地的娱乐活动.