/ 9endVI5nIE(r); 9ZndVE`nIr/ n
person who designs, builds or maintains engines, machines, bridges, railways, mines, etc 工程师; 建筑师; 机械师: a civil/mining/electrical/mechanical engineer 土木[采矿/电气/机械]工程师.
skilled person who controls an engine or engines, esp on a ship or aircraft 操纵发动机的技师(尤指轮船或飞机上的): the chief engineer on a cruise liner 游轮的轮机长.
(US) = engine-driver (engine).
soldier trained to design and build military works 工兵: He's in the Royal Engineers, ie a branch of the British Army. 他在皇家工兵部队服役(英国陆军的兵种).
> engineer v [Tn]
1 (infml derog 口, 贬) arrange or cause (sth), esp by cunning or secret means 安排或策动(某事物)(尤指用狡猾或秘密手段); 策划: His enemies engineered his downfall. 他的仇敌图谋把他搞垮. * engineer a plot, scheme, revolt, etc 策划阴谋﹑ 诡计﹑ 反叛等.
2 build or control (sth) as an engineer 建造或操纵(某事物).