/ In5kQrIdV; In`kQrIdV/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.t] ~ sb (in sth) give support, confidence or hope to sb 鼓励或支持某人: Don't encourage bad habits in a child. 不要助长孩子的坏习惯. * He felt encouraged by the progress he'd made. 他取得了成绩而欢欣鼓舞. * Her parents encouraged her in her studies. 她的父母鼓励她好好学习. * encourage sb to lose weight 鼓励某人减轻体重.
[Tn] help (sth) to develop; stimulate 帮助(某事物)发展; 激励; 促进: encourage exports 促进出口.
> encouragement n ~ (to sb) (to do sth) (a) [U] action of encouraging 鼓励; 支持; 激励; 促进: shouts of encouragement 鼓劲的呼声. (b) [C] thing that encourages 鼓励﹑ 支持或促进的事物: The teacher's words were a great encouragement to him. 教师的话对他是极大的鼓舞.
encouraging adj: encouraging words, news, signs 令人鼓舞的话﹑ 消息﹑ 迹象 * This year's sales figures are veryencouraging. 今年的销售额很令人鼓舞. encouraginglyadv.