/ 5emfEsIs; `ZmfEsIs/ n (pl -ases / -Esi:z;-Esiz/) [C, U]
force or stress given to a word or words when spoken, to make the meaning clear or to show importance 加强语气; 强调: give special emphasis to a phrase 对一词组加强语气.
~ (on sth) (placing of) special meaning, value or importance (on sth) (付予某事物)特殊的意义﹑ 价值或重要性: Some schools put/lay/place great emphasis on language study. 有些学校极注重语言学习. * The emphasis here is on hard work, not enjoyment. 这里至关重要的是努力工作, 而不是享乐.
> emphasize, -ise / 5emfEsaIz; `ZmfE9saIz/ v [Tn, Tf] put emphasis on (sth); give emphasis to (sth); stress 强调; 着重; 加强(某词语)的语气; 重读: Which word should I emphasize? 我应该重读哪个词? * He emphasized the importance of careful driving/that careful driving was important. 他强调小心驾驶的重要性[小心驾驶很重要].
emphatic / Im5fAtIk; Im`fAtIk/ adj
1 having, showing or using emphasis 加强语气的; 强调的; 重视的; 重点的; 着重的; 重读的: an emphatic denial 断然的否认 * He was most emphatic that I should go. 他极力强调我应该去.
2 definite and clear 肯定的; 明确的; 显着的: an emphatic victory 有目共睹的胜利. emphatically / -klI; -klI/ adv.