/ I5m\:dV; I`m[dV/ v [I, Ipr] ~ (from sth) 1 (a) come out or up (from water, etc) (从水中等)出来, 现出, 露出: The swimmer emerged from the lake. 游泳者从湖中出来. * The moon emerged from behind the clouds. 月亮从云层後露出. (b) come into view or prominence 显现; 显露: He emerged as leader at the age of thirty. 他三十岁时初露锋芒担任了领袖.
(of facts, ideas, etc) become known (指事实﹑ 意见等)暴露, 知悉: No new evidence emerged during the enquiry. 在调查过程中未发现新证据.
> emergence / -dVEns; -dVEns/ n [U] action of emerging 出来; 现出; 出现; 显现; 暴露: her emergence as a well-known artist 她脱颖而出成为着名艺术家.
emergent / -dVEnt; -dVEnt/ adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] in the process of emerging 在出现过程中的: the emergent countries of Africa, ie those becoming politically independent and modernized, etc 非洲的新兴国家(那些政治上逐步独立和现代化等的国家).