/ Im5bCdI; Im`bBdI/ v (pt, pp -died) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (in sth) (fml 文)
express or give visible form to (ideas, feelings, etc) 体现(想法﹑ 感情等); 使(想法﹑ 感情等)具体化: To me he embodies all the best qualities of a teacher. 在我看来, 他本身体现了教师应有的一切优秀品质.
include or contain sth 包括或含有某物: The latest computer model embodies many new features. 最新型的计算机具备许多新功能.
> embodiment / Im5bCdImEnt; Im`bBdImEnt/ n person or thing that embodies sth or is embodied 体现某事物的人或物; 体现; 化身: She's the embodiment of kindness. 她是慈祥的化身.