/ 5elIdVEbl; `ZlIdVEbl/ adj ~ (for sth/to do sth) suitable or fit to be chosen; having the right or proper qualifications 适宜被选中的; 有恰当资格的; 合格的: eligible for a pension, a job, an award 有资格领取养老金﹑ 得到工作﹑ 获得奖品 * eligible for promotion, membership 适宜提升﹑ 得到会员身分 * eligible to join a club 有资格加入俱乐部 * an eligible young man, eg one who would be a satisfactory choice as a husband 合意的 年轻人(如可做佳婿者).
> eligibility / 9elIdVE5bIlEtI; 9ZlIdVE`bIlEtI/ n [U]state of being eligible 适宜入选; 有资格; 合格: Her qualifications and experience confirm her eligibility for the job. 她的资历和经验决定她适宜做这项工作.