/ 5elIfEnt; `ZlEfEnt/ n (pl unchanged or ~s 复数或不变或作elephants)
largest four-footed animal now living, with two curved ivory tusks, thick skin, and a long trunk 象: a herd of elephant 象群. =>illus 见插图.
(idm 习语) ,elephants ,never `forget (saying 谚) elephants are noted for their good memories 象不忘事(象以记忆力良好着称). a white elephant => white.
> elephantine / 9elI5fAntaIn; [email protected] -ti:n; 9ZlE`fAntin/ adj (derog or joc 贬或谑) large and awkward like an elephant 似象一样大而笨拙的: Their daughter is quite plump but their son is positively elephantine. 他们的女儿很胖; 可是儿子呢, 简直像大象.