/ I5fIFnt; I`fIFEnt/ adj
(of people) able to work well; capable (指人)能胜任的; 有能力的: an efficient secretary, teacher, administrator, etc 能干的秘书﹑ 教师﹑ 行政人员等 * He's efficient at his job. 他胜任工作.
(esp of tools, machines, systems, etc) producing a satisfactory result without wasting time or energy (尤指工具, 机器, 系统等)有效力的: an efficient new filing system 有效的新归档系统.
> efficiency / I5fIFnsI; I`fIFEnsI/ n [U] state or quality of being efficient 能力; 效力; 效能.
efficiently / -lI; -lI/ adv: get industry running more efficiently 使工业经营管理效率更高.