/ I5fektIv; I`fZktIv/ adj
(a) having an effect; producing the intended result 有效的; 产生预期结果的: effective measures to reduce unemployment 减少失业的有效措施 * The law is no longer effective. 该法令已失效. (b) making a striking impression 产生深刻印象的: a very effective colour scheme 非常醒目的色调 * an effective speech 精彩的演说.
[attrib 作定语] (a) actual or existing 实际的; 实在的; 现有的: the effective membership of a society 现有的全体会员. (b) fit for service or work 适於承担任务或工作的: the effective strength of the army 军队的战斗力.
> effectively adv
1 in an effective way 有效地.
2 for practical purposes; in effect 事实上; 实际上: This means that effectively we have no chance of finishing on time. 这意味着我们实际上没有可能准时完成.
effectiveness n [U].