/ I5fekt; I`fZkt/ n
[C, U] ~ (on sb/sth) change produced by an action or cause; result or outcome 效应; 结果; 後果: the effects of heat on metal 热对金属产生的效应 * Did the medicine have any effect/a good effect? 这药有什麽疗效[疗效好]吗? * The film had quite an effect on her. 这影片对她影响极大. * I tried to persuade him, but with little or no effect. 我尽力劝他, 他根本不听.
[C, U] impression produced on the mind of the spectator, listener, reader, etc (esp in plays, films, broadcasts, paintings, etc) (观众﹑ 听众﹑ 读者等)头脑 中所产生的印象(尤指在戏剧﹑ 电影﹑ 广播﹑ 绘画等方面): The general effect of the painting is overwhelming. 这幅画给人总的印象是很有气势. * The stage lighting gives the effect of a moonlit scene. 舞台灯光产生月夜景色的效果. * She only dresses like that for the effect it creates/for effect. 她仅仅为了装样子才那样打扮. * The science fiction film had some marvellous special effects. 这部科幻电影有些特殊效果美妙绝伦.
effects [pl] (fml or law 文或律) personal property; possessions 个人财产; 财物: personal effects 个人财产 * household effects 家庭财物.
(idm 习语) bring/put sth into ef`fect cause sth to come into use 使某物开始使用: The new system will soon be put into effect. 新系统即将启用. come into ef`fect (esp of laws, rules, etc ) reach the stage of being in use (尤指法律﹑ 规则等)实行, 实施: The new seat-belt regulations came into effect last week. 新的安全带规则上周开始实施. give effect to sth (fml 文) cause sth to become active or produce a result 使某事物实行起来; 使生效: The new ruling gives effect to the recommendations of the special committee. 这一新裁定使特别委员会的推荐生效. in ef`fect (a) for practical purposes; in fact 实际上; 事实上: The two systems are, in effect, identical. 这两种制度实际上一模一样. (b) (of a rule, law, etc) in use (指规则﹑ 法律等)有效: Some ancient laws are still in effect. 有些古时的法律现在仍然有效. of/to no ef`fect not having the result intended or hoped for 没有预期的或希望的结果; 无效: My warning was of no effect. 我的警告无济於事. * We warned them, but to no effect. 我们警告过他们, 但完全没用. strain after effects/an effect => strain1. take ef`fect (a) produce the result intended or required 产生预期的或要求的结果; 生效: The aspirins soon took effect. 服下的阿司匹林药片很快见效了. (b) come into force or use; become active 实施; 实行; 起作用: The new law takes effect from tomorrow. 新法令明日起实行. to good, etc ef`fect producing a good, etc result or impression 产生好的等结果或印象: The room shows off her paintings to good effect. 这个房间把她绘画的优点充分显示出来. to this/that ef`fect with this/that meaning or information 有这样[那样]的意思或内容: He told me to get out, or words to that effect. 他说了一句叫我走开之类的话. to the effect that... with the meaning, or giving the information, that... 大意为...: He left a note to the effect that he would not be returning. 他留下一张字条, 大意是说他不回来了.
> effect v [Tn] (fml 文) bring (sth) about; cause to occur 使(某事物)产生; 使发生; 引起: effect a cure, a change, a sale 产生疗效﹑ 引起变化﹑ 实行大减价. =>Usage at affect1 用法见affect1.