/ 5edVUkeIt; `ZdVJ9ket/ v [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.t] ~ sb (in sth) train the mind and character of sb; teach sb; provide sb with an education 训练某人的思想和性格; 教某人; 教育某人: The public should be educated in how to use energy more effectively. 公众应受到合理地利用能源的教育. * Parents should educate their children to behave well. 父母应当教育子女守规矩. * Where were you educated? ie Which school(s), etc did you go to? 你在哪(些)所学校学习过? =>Usage at teach用法见teach.
> educated / 5edVUkeItId; `ZdVJ9ketId/ adj
having been educated 受过教育的; 受过训练的: a highly educated woman 有高度教养的妇女 * self-educated 自修的 * educated tastes in art 在艺术方面有修养的鉴赏力.
(idm 习语) an ,educated `guess guess based on experience (and therefore probably correct) 根据经验做出的猜测(因此可能是正确的).
educator n person who educates (esp professionally) 教育工作者; 教育家; 训练者.