/ 5edIt; `ZdIt/ v [Tn]
prepare (a piece of writing, often another person's) for publication, eg in a book, newspaper, or magazine 编辑: edit a Shakespeare play for use in schools 编辑一部莎士比亚剧本供学校使用 * edit a book of poetry 编辑一本诗集.
be responsible for planning, directing and publishing (a newspaper, magazine, etc) 主编(报纸﹑ 杂志等).
prepare (a film, tape recording, radio or television programme, book, etc) by putting together collected parts in a suitable sequence 剪辑(电影﹑ 录音磁带﹑ 无线电或电视节目﹑ 书等).
arrange (data) for processing by a computer (用计算机)编辑(数据).
(phr v) edit sth out (of sth) remove (unwanted words, phrases, etc from a book, script, etc) in the process of editing 在编辑过程中删除(书﹑ 手稿等中的不必要的词语等): They must have edited bits of the interview out. 他们一定是把这次采访的一部分删掉了.