/ 9i:kE5nCmIkl, 9ekE5nCmIkl; 9ikE`nBmIkl,9ZkE`nBmIkl/ adj careful in the spending of money, time, etc and in the use of resources; not wasteful 经济的; 节俭的; 省时间的; 节约的: an economical car to run, eg one with low petrol consumption 节油汽车 * She is economical with/in her use of salt when cooking. 她烹饪时用盐很省. * an economical style of writing, ie one that does not waste words 简练的写作风格(不多费笔墨者). > economically / -klI; -klI/ adv: His scheme is not economically sound. 他的计划在经济上欠妥.