2 / 5i:zI; `izI/ adv (-ier, -iest)
(as a command 用作命令语) move sth gently and slowly 小心而缓慢地移动某事物: Easy with that chair one of its legs is loose. 搬那把椅子要小心--有一条腿松了.
(idm 习语)
,easier ,said than `done more difficult to do than to talk about 说比做容易: `Why don't you get yourself a job?'`That's easier said than done.' ‘你怎麽不找个工作呢?’‘说起来容易, 找起来难哪.’ ,easy `come, ,easy `go (saying 谚) sth, esp money, obtained without difficulty is quickly lost or spent 来得容易, 去得快(尤指钱财): I often win money at cards but never save a penny `easy come, easy go' is my motto. 我玩纸牌经常赢, 可一分钱也存不住--我的俗话是‘来得容易, 去得快’. `easy/`gently ,does it (infml 口) this job, etc should be done slowly and carefully 要慢些﹑ 小心些做这事等: Take your time; easy does it. 别着急, 慢慢来. ,go `easy (infml 口) work less hard 省点劲儿; 别那麽卖力: You should go easy, you're getting tired. 你要省点劲儿, 会累坏的. go easy on/with sb/sth (infml 口) be careful, gentle or moderate with sb/sth 对某人[某事物]谨慎﹑ 从容或有节制: Go easy on the milk; we all want some. 牛奶要匀着享用, 我们都想要一些. * You should go easy on (ie be less strict with) that boy; he's only young. 你应该对那个孩子宽容些, 他还小呢. ,stand `easy (as a military command 用作军事口令) stand with more freedom of movement than when at ease (ease1 2) 稍息(比at ease更随便些). take it/things `easy relax; not work too hard or do too much 放松; 不过分努力; 不做过多: I like to take things easy when I'm on holiday. 我在假日愿意轻松一些.