1 / 5i:zI; `izI/ adj (-ier, -iest)
not difficult; done or obtained without great effort 容易的; 不难的; 不费力的: an easy exam 容易的考试 * It is an easy place to reach. 那是个容易到达的地方. * The place is easy to reach. 那地方容易到达.
free from pain, discomfort, anxiety, trouble, etc 不再痛苦的; 舒适的; 安心的; 安逸的: lead an easy life 过安逸舒适的生活 * My mind is easier now. 现在我安心多了. Cf 参看 ease1 1.
[attrib 作定语] not stiff or embarrassed 不生硬的; 不死板的; 不拘束的: have easy manners 举止从容.
[attrib 作定语] readily exploited, cheated, etc 易上当﹑ 受骗等的: an easy victim 容易吃亏的人 * an easy prey 容易受害的人.
(idm 习语) as ,easy as `anything/as `pie/as AB`C/as falling off a `log/as `winking (infml 口) very easy or easily 极容易. easy game person or thing that can easily be attacked, exploited or made a victim 容易受攻击的人或事物; 容易吃亏﹑ 上当﹑ 受害的人. easy/difficult of approach => approach n. ,easy `money money obtained either dishonestly or for little work 横财; 不义之财; 来得容易的钱. ,easy on the `ear/`eye (infml 口) pleasant to listen to or look at 好听的; 好看的: This music's easy on the ear late at night. 这音乐夜晚听起来很好听. an easy/a soft touch => touch2. free and easy => free1. have an easy time (of it) experience no difficulty in doing sth 在做某事物中无困难. on easy `terms (commerce 商) (of a loan) with a low rate of interest, or (of a purchase) allowing the buyer to pay gradually over a long period (指贷款)低息的; (指购物)分期付款的. I'm `easy (infml esp Brit) (replying when a choice has been offered) I have no preference (当被请求选择时, 回答)我无所谓(都一样). take the easy way out escape from a difficult or an awkward situation by the least demanding (and possibly not the most honourable) course of action 以最省事的做法(可能并非最得体者)回避困难的或尴尬的处境. a woman of easy virtue => woman.
> easily / 5i:zElI; `izIlI/ adv
1 without difficulty 容易地; 无困难地: I can easily finish it tonight. 我今晚轻而易举就可把它做完.
2 without doubt 无疑地: It's easily the best film I've seen this year. 这无疑是我今年所看过的最好的电影.
3 possibly 可能地: That could easily be the answer we're looking for. 那可能就是我们正在寻找的办法.
easiness n [U].
# ,easy `chair large comfortable armchair 安乐椅.
,easy`going adj (of people) relaxed in manner; placid and tolerant (指人)随便的; 温和宽容的: My mother doesn't mind who comes to stay, she's very easygoing. 我母亲不在乎有什麽人来住, 她非常随和.