/ dQm; dQm/ adj (-er, -est)
unable to speak 哑的: She's been dumb from birth. 她生来即哑. * our dumb friends, ie animals 我们的不能言语的朋友(即动物) * (fig 比喻) be struck dumb (ie left speechless) with horror, fear, amazement, etc 因恐怖﹑ 恐惧﹑ 惊愕等而说不出话来.
[usu pred 通常作表语] temporarily silent; refusing to speak 暂时沉默; 拒绝说话: They begged him to explain, but he remained dumb. 他们请求他解释, 但他保持沉默不语.
(infml 口) stupid 愚蠢的: That was a pretty dumb thing to do. 那件事干得可真蠢. * If the police question you, act dumb, ie pretend you don't know anything. 警方要是盘问你, 就装作什麽也不知道.
> dumbly adv. dumbness n [U].
# `dumb show communication using gestures but no words; mime 手语; 哑语; 哑剧.
,dumb `waiter (a) (US lazy Susan) stand with shelves for holding food ready to be served 食品台; 食品架. (b) small lift for carrying food, etc from one floor to another, esp in a restaurant 小型升降机(尤指饭店中传送食物者).