2 / drQm; drQm/ v (-mm-)
[I] play a drum or drums 打鼓; 敲鼓; 击鼓.
[Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sth) on sth make a drum-like sound on sth; tap or beat (sth) continuously (在某物上敲打)发出似鼓之声; 不停敲打(某物): drum on the table with one's fingers 用手指在桌上敲出鼓点声 * drum one's feet on the floor 跺脚.
(phr v) drum sth into sb/into sb's head make sb remember sth by repeating it often 经常重复某事使某人记住: Our teacher used to drum our multiplication tables into us. 我们老师过去老是让我们反覆背诵乘法表. drum sb out (of sth) force sb to leave a group, an organization, etc, often in disgrace 迫使某人脱离(团体﹑ 组织等)(常为不名誉地): drummed out of the club, the regiment 被逐出俱乐部﹑ 团体. drum sth up try hard to get (support, customers, etc) 大力争取(支持﹑ 顾客等): He's going round firms drumming up interest in the project. 他到各公司游说以引起大家对该项目的兴趣.
> drummer n
1 person who plays a drum or drums 鼓手.
2 (esp US infml 口) commercial traveller 旅行推销员.
drumming n [U, sing] continuous rhythmical sound 连续的有节奏的声音: the steady drumming of the rain on the tin roofs 雨点打在铁皮屋顶上发出持续而有节奏的声音.