1 / drQm; drQm/ n
(music 音) instrument consisting of a hollow round frame with plastic or skin stretched tightly across the open end(s) which is struck with sticks or the hands 鼓: play the drum(s) in a band 在乐队中打鼓. =>illus at App 1 见附录1之插图, page xi.
thing shaped like this instrument, eg a barrel for oil, a hollow cylinder on which wire is wound, or the container for clothes in a washing-machine or clothes drier 鼓状物(如桶﹑ 筒). =>illus at barrel 见barrel之插图.
= ear-drum (ear).
(idm 习语) beat the drum => beat1.
# `drumbeat n (sound of a) stroke on a drum 鼓的一击(声).
`drum brake brake in which curved pads press against the inner cylindrical part of a vehicle's wheel 鼓式制动器. Cf 参看 disc brake (disc).
`drumhead part of the drum that is hit 鼓面. ,drumhead court-`martial trial held during a military operation 战地军法审判.
`drum-kit n set of drums used in a band, etc 乐队等使用的成套的鼓.
,drum `major
1 sergeant who leads a military band when it plays on parade (军乐队在行进中演奏的)指挥.
2 (US) male leader of a marching band (行进乐队的)男领队. ,drum majo`rette / meIdVE5ret; 9medVE`rZt/ (esp US) girl wearing a fancy costume who leads a marching band (乐队行进中着鲜艳服装的)女领队.
`drumstick n 1 stick for playing a drum 鼓槌. =>illus at App 1 见附录1之插图, page xi. 2 lower part of the leg of a cooked chicken, turkey, etc (熟的)鸡﹑ 火鸡等的腿(状似鼓槌部分).