2 / drIl; drIl/ n
[U] training in military exercises 军事训练; 操练: New recruits have three hours of drill a day. 新兵一天有三小时的操练.
(a) [U] thorough training by practical and usu repetitive exercises 练习: regular drill to establish good habits 有规则的训练以养成好习惯. (b) [C] such an exercise 训练; 练习: pronunci`ation drills 发音练习.
(a) [U] procedures to be followed in an emergency (紧急情况下的)步骤, 方法, 措施: `lifeboat drill 救生艇上的应急措施. (b) [C] practice session to test people's knowledge of this 演习: There'll be a `fire-drill this morning. 今天上午有消防演习.
the drill [sing] (Brit infml 口) correct procedure for doing sth 做某事的正确方法; 程序; 步骤; 常规: What's the drill for claiming expenses? 费用报销的手续, 是怎样的? * learn, know, teach sb the drill 学习﹑ 了解﹑ 传授某人做某事的正确方法.
> drill v [I, Tn] be trained or train (sb) by means of drills 训练(某人); 操练; 演习: The well-drilled crew managed to rescue most of the passengers. 训练有素的机组人员设法营救出了大部分乘客.