2 / daUt; daJt/ v [I, Tn, Tf] feel uncertain (about sth); question the truth of (sth) (对某事物)无把握, 有怀疑: It is human to doubt. 怀疑是人的天性. * Do you doubt my word (ie think I am not telling the truth) ? 你怀疑我的话吗? * I don't doubt that he'll come, ie I'm sure he will. 我确信他会来. * I doubt whether he'll come. 我不敢肯定他来不来. * I doubt if that was what he wanted. 不知道那是不是他想要的. > doubter n.
# ,doubting `Thomas person who refuses to believe sth until he has clear proof 有真凭实据才相信某事物的人: She's a bit of a doubting Thomas she won't believe you're back till she sees you. 她是个眼见为实的人--除非她亲眼看见你, 否则绝不会相信你已经回来.