1 / daUt; daJt/ n
[U, C] ~ (about/as to sth); ~ (as to) whether... (feeling of) uncertainty or disbelief 怀疑; 不确定; 不信任: There's some doubt about his suitability for the job. 他是否适合该工作有些疑问. * There is (no) room for doubt. (没)有怀疑的余地. * I have grave doubts about her honesty. 我很怀疑她是否诚实. * The latest scientific discoveries cast doubt on earlier theories. 科学上的最新发现使我们对以前的学说产生怀疑. * She had her doubts (as to) whether he would come. 她无法确定他是否来. * Although a very religious man, he is still troubled by occasional doubts. 他虽然笃信宗教, 但有时仍感到迷惘.
[U] ~ about sth/that. . . (used after negatives to emphasize conviction 用於否定词後以强调深信不疑) reason for not believing sth 不相信: There's not much doubt about it, ie It is almost certain. 那件事情没有什麽可疑之处. * I have no doubt that you will succeed. 我肯定你能成功.
(idm 习语) beyond a/any `doubt; beyond all (possible) `doubt certainly 无疑地: She was beyond all doubt the finest ballerina of her day. 她无疑是她那个时代最优秀的芭蕾舞演员. give sb the benefit of the `doubt => benefit. in `doubt uncertain; undecided 不肯定的; 不确定的: Their acceptance of the contract is still in doubt. 他们是否接受那合同还说不准. * If in doubt, don't, ie Don't act unless you're certain. 没有把握就不要做. ,no `doubt very probably 无疑地; 很可能: No doubt he means to help, but in fact he just gets in the way. 他确实是想帮忙, 然而事实上却只是帮倒忙. without (a) `doubt certainly 无疑地; 确实地: He is without doubt the cleverest student I've ever taught. 他确实是我所教过的学生中最聪明的.