2 / dI5vaIn; dE`vaIn/ v [Tn, Tf]
(fml 文) sense (sth) by intuition; guess (凭直觉)意识到(某事物); 猜测: divine sb's thoughts, sb's intentions, the truth 领悟某人的思想﹑ 察觉某人的意图﹑ 猜出事情的真相.
reveal (sth hidden, esp the future) by magical means 占卜(某未知事物, 尤指未来); 卜测; 预卜: Astrologers claim to be able to divine what the stars hold in store for us. 占星家声称能预知祸福.
> diviner (also `water-diviner) n person who divines, esp one who searches for underground water using a divining-rod 占卜者; (尤指)用占卜杖探寻地下水源的人.
# di`vining-rod n Y-shaped stick used by a water-diviner (卜测水源者用的)占卜杖(呈Y形).